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Mind Relax

I’ve gathered together a number of my favorite resources to help you facilitate your journey of healing, whether that involve myself or rather include a solo exploration.


(S.R.T), inspired by Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing(TM), is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. By experiencing and observing the sensations that are present in your body, your nervous system begins to reconnect memories of the past that you may have disassociated from in order to survive. With guided facilitation and intentional hands-on support, you are able to experience these memories through your physical sensations in a safe container. This allows the body to naturally process traumatic imprints through a variety of means including but-not limited to: trembling, yawning, crying, shaking, laughing, sweating, or simply entering into a state of deep relaxation. These releases help complete the activation and immobility responses in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, often alleviating long-term symptoms.

What is the Somatic Release Technique?

An important learning from gift economics is that the focus is never on how much each individual contributes, but simply how well the whole of the contributions are able to support our lives and our work. I desire to make space for healing for all who are able.

Why Sliding Scale?

Instead of selling one session at a time like many practitioners, my intention is to enter a ritualized container for healing, integration, and generative change. A longer-term commitment and a financial exchange that isn't tied to sessions alone, invites and allows my deep companionship through a period and a process both in and out of sessions. Of course there are reasonable boundaries. And I am entering into whatever agreement we make with great care and commitment to showing up for you.

Why a 6 Month Minimum?

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