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humanity thrives in sacred connection with all of life.
I envision a culture where

Humanity Thrives in Sacred Connection With all of Life.

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About Elias


From a young age, my life has been guided by visions of beloved community.


This infatuation begins with early memories of spending time in the Greek villages of my ancestors, and has brought me to live and work with dozens of communities, organizations and initiatives around the world.


For me, village grew into much more than a physical place to live in or to visit. I see village as an embodied, relational experience that helps us grow into more ethical, connected, mature, and loving humans.

I grew up working in my family’s seafood restaurant in upstate New York, and by age 21 I was managing a seasonal restaurant in Grand Teton National Park. I continued working in hospitality through college. My studies focused on environmental sciences and outdoor education. As I learned about climate chaos and the anthropogenic extinction of this era, I became increasingly concerned and disillusioned with mainstream culture and paradigms.

I went on to volunteer and learn from radically innovative and progressive Eco-Communities around the world for a few years. This brought me into contact with deep culture change work, and set the stage for a decade of community building, event production, and transformational facilitation work. I’ve been blessed to work with a number of incredible organizations and individuals. 

​I believe that belonging is a psychological, spiritual and somatic experience that can be fostered through practices of truth, healing and wholeness. Deep belonging is the holistic knowing of a kind of welcomeness for all parts and expressions of you, in your multifaceted authenticity. A culture of belonging recognizes the innate gift and value of each life, within the web of all life.

I facilitate belonging through embodied and ecologically informed coaching, facilitation and consulting. Whether I’m guiding a 1:1 coaching session, a grief ritual or a change management process, I foster culture that empowers deeper integrity, authenticity, and resilience. 


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“Our hunger to belong is the longing to find a bridge across the distance from isolation to intimacy. Everyone longs for intimacy and dreams of a nest of belonging in which one is embraced, seen, and loved. Something within each of us cries out for belonging.”
- John O'Donohue

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On the Ground


AAS Outdoor Education

Colorado Mountain College

BA in Social Ecology
The Evergreen State College

Self-designed degree through which I studied the intersection of sustainable design, evolutionary ecology and the application of humanistic principles to community and organizational development.

Important Trainings and Intensives

Other Formative Experiences

Other Formative Experiences


In 2007 I left home in upstate New York and fell in love with the rockies. The wilderness saved my life, and I continued living in the mountains for the following 4 years.

I began to study permaculture, governance, and regenerative living through living in Ecovillages around the world in early 2010’s.


In 2017 I experienced the first of many grief rituals that have changed my life, followed by attending my first YES! Jam. It was a week-long gathering of environmental changemakers. I’ve gone on to work with YES! as a facilitator and organizer on multiple Jam teams ever since.


​I was an ordained monk in Myanmar and traveled as part of an interfaith peacekeeping delegation in response to the 2012 Rakhine State riots. This violence has gone on to become the atrocious Rohingya genocide.

Starting in 2012 I began attending regular silent meditation retreats.


In 2021 I experienced my first vision fast in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

I went on to become a cofounding instructor of The Great Earth School, where I prepare, educate, and guide people to live into their truest gifts and Visions.

Other Formative Experiences of Elias

I’ve worked with

New Stories
YES World
Sustainable Connections
Foundation Margherite
Wilburforce Foundation
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