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Deep Belonging
Come home to a place of 
deep belonging
with    yourself, your people, and the Earth.

My name is Elias Serras.

Cultivating trust, presence and intimacy takes practice. Even when you're committed to creating deeper belonging, there are inevitable challenges, conflicts, and moments of separation.


I have spent nearly two decades gathering and refining skills to help individuals and groups grow through these moments.


Together, we can cultivate more embodied resilience, vitality, and connection in the face of challenges. Explore my offerings below to learn more about how I can support you.

Elias Serras
Our Services


  • Gender and Sexuality

  • Grief Tending

  • Shadow Work

  • Threshold Crossings and Integration

  • Relational Repair and Accountability

  • Somatic Release Technique

  • Resilience and Mindfulness

1:1  Guidance

Group Offering
  • Creative Facilitation

  • Men’s Workshops and Retreats

  • Rites of Passage

  • Grief and Gratitude Rituals

  • EcoSomatic Belonging Workshops

  • Authentic Relating

Group Offerings

Organizational Work
  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning and Visioning

  • JEDI and Belonging

  • Conflict Transformation

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Applied Mindfulness

  • Event Planning and Facilitation

Organizational Work

As a coach and guide

As a facilitator

As a consultant

I support people with loving presence, good questions and powerful ecosomatic tools for healing and transformation.

I guide groups toward experiences of beloved community through play, ritual, confrontation, and deep listening.

I help organizations and communities steward relational ecosystems that are grounded in belonging, empathy and wholeness.

What is Eco Somatics



EcoSomatics combines Somatics and Deep Ecology, focusing on our sensory perception in the body and our interconnectedness with all life. It encourages us to recognize our place in the web of existence and develop awareness across mind, body, and nature. This approach promotes healing, a fuller life experience, and a sense of belonging within the larger evolutionary context.

Great Earth School
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